Notes, oh my god, notes.

When a good idea all of a sudden pops into my mind I need to write it down. But me, myself and I have yet to actually decide amongst ourselves WHERE to write it down.

I use scrivener for my projects, so that should be where everything goes. But who’s got time for that? So I take notes on paper, on my phone and PC. And then after many, MANY months of note taking I realize I should probably organize them a bit, and copy them to Scrivener.

Simple, right?

Oh no, oh no no no no no.

The horrible mess that are my notes will forever haunt my inner, broken perfectionist. My scriblings are even scattered inside the note pad and phone.


In other words, it is that time again. Where I go through my notes and try to put them where they belong and make sense of what I’ve written. So much of it is stuff I came up with half asleep and is written as if drunken gibberish. And then there is the sudden:

Buy toilet paper!

Good luck all chaotic writers out there! Also, check out that blue sky. Writing outside today.

– Frida

First drafts and chaotic minds

My first ever draft of a novel killed me. I felt horrible because the draft was really, really bad and I have a very strict internal editor.

I still go through parts of it and cringe until I start making weird sounds to try and forget what I just read. At the same time I appreciate the awfulness of the thing, because it got me where I am today!

…which is not really that much further, but my writing has improved and I no longer fear death (first drafts).

My first drafts are bad. Whether it’s a book, an article or whatever else I might find spewing out. I am a chaotic person and my writing style mirrors that.

At least now I know myself better as a writer. I spent a lot of time when I was younger feeling bad because I thought you had to be or work a certain way to be a writer. I also thought you had to love every second of the process, which is in fact a whole load of crap.

When I feel like I am going insane and need something to steer me in the right direction I follow my own writing tips.

1. Write. Get shit done.
2. Read about writing, but realize not every tip, trick or rule applies to you.
3. Tell your inner editor to leave you alone until you need them.
4. Embrace who you are and how you work best.

And if you are stuck, write a blog post about what a chaotic mess you are and get back to writing!

– The End

Ramalama Bang Bang

Sitting in my sofa listening to this months craziest song, Ramalama by Ruby Blue (LINK). I love weird songs like this. Part of the lyrics are as follows:

Ramalama, bang bang
Flash bang
Big bang
Bing bong
Ding dong
Dom dom do dom dom

How can you not love that?

Writing update:
The plan for today is to spend at least an hour working on the plot and at least one hour writing anything (from that story).

Project update:
Copy at least one recipe from the recipe book.

In other news, Easter in Norway means Crime. Crime books, not actual crime. So my plan is actually to read some good old Norwegian crime books this easter. Downloaded Tom Egeland – Relic on my phone, so check!

Practiced with reference a few days ago. I should do this WAY more often, and maybe even make some sort of goal out of it. Result below.


– End of post.

Skrive, rydde, leke.


Det er Lørdag, og det er snart Påske (jeg elsker påske…) og det er tid for å skrive, MYE!

Jeg er med på Camp NaNoWriMo i April (les mer om NaNo her: HER ) og har planer om å skrive ferdig førsteutkastet før begynnelsen av Mai.

Arbeidsdagen min begynner om ti minutter (10:00) og er over 14:00. Da bør jeg fankern meg klart å presse ut en mengde gode eller dårlige ord for å rote meg videre i historien om Elma.

Deretter er det lørdagsfri, og siden jeg er en moden og voksen ung kvinne skal jeg tilbringe lørdagskvelden med Minecraft, The Long Dark eller ColaZero og kule idioter på Youtube.


– Frida