Notes, oh my god, notes.

When a good idea all of a sudden pops into my mind I need to write it down. But me, myself and I have yet to actually decide amongst ourselves WHERE to write it down.

I use scrivener for my projects, so that should be where everything goes. But who’s got time for that? So I take notes on paper, on my phone and PC. And then after many, MANY months of note taking I realize I should probably organize them a bit, and copy them to Scrivener.

Simple, right?

Oh no, oh no no no no no.

The horrible mess that are my notes will forever haunt my inner, broken perfectionist. My scriblings are even scattered inside the note pad and phone.


In other words, it is that time again. Where I go through my notes and try to put them where they belong and make sense of what I’ve written. So much of it is stuff I came up with half asleep and is written as if drunken gibberish. And then there is the sudden:

Buy toilet paper!

Good luck all chaotic writers out there! Also, check out that blue sky. Writing outside today.

– Frida