First drafts and chaotic minds

My first ever draft of a novel killed me. I felt horrible because the draft was really, really bad and I have a very strict internal editor.

I still go through parts of it and cringe until I start making weird sounds to try and forget what I just read. At the same time I appreciate the awfulness of the thing, because it got me where I am today!

…which is not really that much further, but my writing has improved and I no longer fear death (first drafts).

My first drafts are bad. Whether it’s a book, an article or whatever else I might find spewing out. I am a chaotic person and my writing style mirrors that.

At least now I know myself better as a writer. I spent a lot of time when I was younger feeling bad because I thought you had to be or work a certain way to be a writer. I also thought you had to love every second of the process, which is in fact a whole load of crap.

When I feel like I am going insane and need something to steer me in the right direction I follow my own writing tips.

1. Write. Get shit done.
2. Read about writing, but realize not every tip, trick or rule applies to you.
3. Tell your inner editor to leave you alone until you need them.
4. Embrace who you are and how you work best.

And if you are stuck, write a blog post about what a chaotic mess you are and get back to writing!

– The End

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