Ramalama Bang Bang

Sitting in my sofa listening to this months craziest song, Ramalama by Ruby Blue (LINK). I love weird songs like this. Part of the lyrics are as follows:

Ramalama, bang bang
Flash bang
Big bang
Bing bong
Ding dong
Dom dom do dom dom

How can you not love that?

Writing update:
The plan for today is to spend at least an hour working on the plot and at least one hour writing anything (from that story).

Project update:
Copy at least one recipe from the recipe book.

In other news, Easter in Norway means Crime. Crime books, not actual crime. So my plan is actually to read some good old Norwegian crime books this easter. Downloaded Tom Egeland – Relic on my phone, so check!

Practiced with reference a few days ago. I should do this WAY more often, and maybe even make some sort of goal out of it. Result below.


– End of post.

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