It’s Getting Dark

To get to our local store, my wife and I have to walk a path between a small gathering of trees.

On one side of the path there are streets and houses, and on the other side there is a graveyard. Sometimes all the light we see is from the graveyard. It’s a bit ironic, really. In a nice kind of way.

It sort of reminds me of where I grew up. We lived in the middle of nowhere. Our house was between a lake and a large forrest. Moose often wandered around the house, and even more often cows walked by or hung out in our garden. They usually escaped through broken fences in fields nearby, and was collected by the farmers a bit later.

On one occasion we had a Lynx wandering around outside (that was a bit scary actually…) and later a VERY smelly goat that apparently belonged to an old man living even deeper into the forest (don’t ask me).

There are seriously stories to be written here!

Anyway, Norway is getting dark. Soon both days and nights will be dark. Fall and winter can be a romantic time of year, but the darkness can get to you if you let it.

You wake up to darkness, and go to bed in darkness. There is always light though, so we should be fine.


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