Fake Fans

13th Doctor is revealed, is a woman and people are freaking out in so many ways.

But what annoys me more than anything is the whole “fake fans” thing going on in the comments on the Doctor Who facebook page. Just because someone has a different opinion than you regarding a change in their “fandom”, it does NOT make them fake fans. STOP IT ALREADY!

Grow the fuck up. Some people will hate the change, others will love it.

Personally I do not think it is the right time for a female doctor, simply because I have always viewed the character as male and I also think they should have spent more time actually working on the writing of the show. It has gotten so bad these last few years it makes me cringe.

BUT I do not doubt Jodie is a great actor. Never seen her in anything myself, but a lot of people are saying she is good. So I will off course see what she brings to the table. The only thing I ask, is that she is written as THE DOCTOR and not THE FEMALE DOCTOR. She at least deserves more.

I am mostly writing this because I am so SICK of fanboys and fangirls who do not respect other peoples opinions. IN WHATEVER FRICKIN FANDOM.

This is why I no longer call myself a “fan” of anything.

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That’s all~

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