Me, finally in english!…Again.

Okay, so I have finally gone back to writing an english blog. My god it has been so long. I basically grew up on Livejournal and DeviantArt and then moved on to a Norwegian blog platform. Which I enjoyed, but then I grew tired of it (there were some personal things too) and deleted it.

For a person that loves talking, and writing and talking some more, it is actually somewhat painful not to be able to write stupid stuff on a blog every day. I miss it.

And so here we go again!

This is only for me. But if you ever want to read some of the stuff I might spew out in this blog, you are most welcome.

– Frida

3 thoughts on “Me, finally in english!…Again.

      • yhasyme says:

        hehe naw ❤ håpe å snakkes snart no da! Mali slit me derre opplegge å æ fer å kaste rundt CV å åpne søknada som en gal lol… Funke ikke så bra herre! Vil bare fått oss jobb så vi kan "slapp" av, veldig stressende herre.

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