Why New Year’s resolutions are not so bad

Happy New Year!

I used to think New Year’s resolutions were useless promises you made to yourself that you would never reach and probably forget about a week into the new year. Why bother even thinking about it right?

I mean, they still can be sort of useless. If you make empty promises to yourself in the heat of the moment, you will most likely end up not reaching those goals. But I think differently about the whole idea of “a fresh new start” now. The same way habits are good for people, I think the feeling of getting to start anew is good for people.

You are not the same person you were last year (no matter how tiny the changes in you might be) so why should you not make some promises to yourself. If it keeps you motivated to do something for a little while, is it not a good thing?

Personally I have changed the way I make those promises. Instead of making them when drunk through a toast with friends on New Years Eve, I take some time in the New Year to think them through. Maybe even make a small plan!
Not to mention they are not the huge mountains they were a few years ago, but small promises with small steps.

Whether or not I reach my goal is yet to be seen. For now, though, I have fun imagining they all will.

Notes, oh my god, notes.

When a good idea all of a sudden pops into my mind I need to write it down. But me, myself and I have yet to actually decide amongst ourselves WHERE to write it down.

I use scrivener for my projects, so that should be where everything goes. But who’s got time for that? So I take notes on paper, on my phone and PC. And then after many, MANY months of note taking I realize I should probably organize them a bit, and copy them to Scrivener.

Simple, right?

Oh no, oh no no no no no.

The horrible mess that are my notes will forever haunt my inner, broken perfectionist. My scriblings are even scattered inside the note pad and phone.


In other words, it is that time again. Where I go through my notes and try to put them where they belong and make sense of what I’ve written. So much of it is stuff I came up with half asleep and is written as if drunken gibberish. And then there is the sudden:

Buy toilet paper!

Good luck all chaotic writers out there! Also, check out that blue sky. Writing outside today.

– Frida

First drafts and chaotic minds

My first ever draft of a novel killed me. I felt horrible because the draft was really, really bad and I have a very strict internal editor.

I still go through parts of it and cringe until I start making weird sounds to try and forget what I just read. At the same time I appreciate the awfulness of the thing, because it got me where I am today!

…which is not really that much further, but my writing has improved and I no longer fear death (first drafts).

My first drafts are bad. Whether it’s a book, an article or whatever else I might find spewing out. I am a chaotic person and my writing style mirrors that.

At least now I know myself better as a writer. I spent a lot of time when I was younger feeling bad because I thought you had to be or work a certain way to be a writer. I also thought you had to love every second of the process, which is in fact a whole load of crap.

When I feel like I am going insane and need something to steer me in the right direction I follow my own writing tips.

1. Write. Get shit done.
2. Read about writing, but realize not every tip, trick or rule applies to you.
3. Tell your inner editor to leave you alone until you need them.
4. Embrace who you are and how you work best.

And if you are stuck, write a blog post about what a chaotic mess you are and get back to writing!

– The End

Ramalama Bang Bang

Sitting in my sofa listening to this months craziest song, Ramalama by Ruby Blue (LINK). I love weird songs like this. Part of the lyrics are as follows:

Ramalama, bang bang
Flash bang
Big bang
Bing bong
Ding dong
Dom dom do dom dom

How can you not love that?

Writing update:
The plan for today is to spend at least an hour working on the plot and at least one hour writing anything (from that story).

Project update:
Copy at least one recipe from the recipe book.

In other news, Easter in Norway means Crime. Crime books, not actual crime. So my plan is actually to read some good old Norwegian crime books this easter. Downloaded Tom Egeland – Relic on my phone, so check!

Practiced with reference a few days ago. I should do this WAY more often, and maybe even make some sort of goal out of it. Result below.


– End of post.

When you’ve been in the wasteland for too long

Fallout 4 is by far my favourite game at the moment. But the wasteland has not been kind to my dear Nathan, and it appears he has “lost it” ever so slightly.
But that’s all fun and games right?

You come into the new world, innocent and fragile after the loss of your lady and the kidnapping of your son and –


– you are one with the filth of the commonwealth!

I always play a sympathetic good-guy when I first play these games, but after my first playthrough the bastard in me comes out!

Venture forth, Nathan, secure thy riches and raise hell wherever you go!


Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings is the first writing advice I ever got. I don’t where I read
or heard it, but it is my absolute favourite because it is so useful to me.

I have never seen this advice as “KILL YOUR CHARACTERS GODDAMIT!” and I don’t get why so many people take it this way. So many people I know interpret it as having to kill of as many characters as possible thoughout your book, or your book will suck.

To me it means critically looking through your story, trying to find the parts that are there simply because you want them to. This CAN mean a character that really serve no purpose other than that you like them, but it can also mean a scene or a part of the story that does not fit the rest.

For me it means going through characters, names, places, scenes, chapters, plot points and so on and see if they have any real purpose. If they do not, usually it is because I have been blinded by how much I love them. And so they simply must go.

One example that still makes me cringe, is one of my oldest characters. I named him Tenshi when I was 14-15 and deeply stuck in my “Anime-Lover” phase. Tenshi means Angel in Japanese, and boy does that make me cringe now. Not because of what it means or why I named him that in the first place, but because it is so obvious in the story that his name is out of place. It is simply there because I thought it was cool as a teenager. It stuck for so long (about ten years) because…I mean it was his name! It was emotional thinking that he should be called anything else.

Until I realised this was one of those darlings and it needed to die!

Needless to say, his name is changed now.

To make a long story short, personally if I look at my story and find “darlings” I either kill them, or do a Tim Gunn:


Urban Dictionary says it very well: here

And now, back to NaNoWriMo!


It’s Getting Dark

To get to our local store, my wife and I have to walk a path between a small gathering of trees.

On one side of the path there are streets and houses, and on the other side there is a graveyard. Sometimes all the light we see is from the graveyard. It’s a bit ironic, really. In a nice kind of way.

It sort of reminds me of where I grew up. We lived in the middle of nowhere. Our house was between a lake and a large forrest. Moose often wandered around the house, and even more often cows walked by or hung out in our garden. They usually escaped through broken fences in fields nearby, and was collected by the farmers a bit later.

On one occasion we had a Lynx wandering around outside (that was a bit scary actually…) and later a VERY smelly goat that apparently belonged to an old man living even deeper into the forest (don’t ask me).

There are seriously stories to be written here!

Anyway, Norway is getting dark. Soon both days and nights will be dark. Fall and winter can be a romantic time of year, but the darkness can get to you if you let it.

You wake up to darkness, and go to bed in darkness. There is always light though, so we should be fine.


Fake Fans

13th Doctor is revealed, is a woman and people are freaking out in so many ways.

But what annoys me more than anything is the whole “fake fans” thing going on in the comments on the Doctor Who facebook page. Just because someone has a different opinion than you regarding a change in their “fandom”, it does NOT make them fake fans. STOP IT ALREADY!

Grow the fuck up. Some people will hate the change, others will love it.

Personally I do not think it is the right time for a female doctor, simply because I have always viewed the character as male and I also think they should have spent more time actually working on the writing of the show. It has gotten so bad these last few years it makes me cringe.

BUT I do not doubt Jodie is a great actor. Never seen her in anything myself, but a lot of people are saying she is good. So I will off course see what she brings to the table. The only thing I ask, is that she is written as THE DOCTOR and not THE FEMALE DOCTOR. She at least deserves more.

I am mostly writing this because I am so SICK of fanboys and fangirls who do not respect other peoples opinions. IN WHATEVER FRICKIN FANDOM.

This is why I no longer call myself a “fan” of anything.

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That’s all~

Back To School – ohmygod…

Yes. I. A 29 year old woman-girl am going back to school.

I will sit down by a desk this Fall and learn stuff. I am willingly going back to exams and studying and daily freakouts.

What am I doing…!?

We are also going to move and get married this year. And I haven’t even sent out the invites! I am a complete ball of chaos.

In other words, there is going to be a whole lot of NEW this year. But I think it’s going to be good, despite everything. You never learn if you don’t try, and so on.


This happened. My poor plant.

– Frida

Me, finally in english!…Again.

Okay, so I have finally gone back to writing an english blog. My god it has been so long. I basically grew up on Livejournal and DeviantArt and then moved on to a Norwegian blog platform. Which I enjoyed, but then I grew tired of it (there were some personal things too) and deleted it.

For a person that loves talking, and writing and talking some more, it is actually somewhat painful not to be able to write stupid stuff on a blog every day. I miss it.

And so here we go again!

This is only for me. But if you ever want to read some of the stuff I might spew out in this blog, you are most welcome.

– Frida