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23K Genuine gold Leaf Rolls Ribbon Leaf - 3 inches width - 67 feet long
24 x 18 Linen White Vanity

Hasbro has created their biggest Transformers toy yet, based on the biggest Transformer in Transformers lore — the planet eater Unicron.

While there have been previous attempts at Unicorn before (most notably in the Transformers: Armada line in the early 2000s) none have been G1 accurate, and certainly not this massive.

This mega-sized action figure will be available via Hasbro’s collector oriented crowdfunding platform, 25 Board Feet Walnut Lumber 4 4 & 8 4. He will cost $574.99 and be available starting in 2021… the 35th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie, in which he was the “big bad.”

Last year, Hasbro used the same platform to crowdfund the massive Jabba’s Sail Barge playset for their 3.75″ Star Wars line.

Here are more photos of this beautiful toy via Hasbro…

25 Pk Steel Chrome Finish 3 Sliding Spring Door Slide Bolt Latch N274340

[Source: Hasbro]

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2-MB1 Door Front Loading Horizontal Mailbox in Bronze [ID 3743804]

Okay this is cool and cute!

You can now pre-order a GameStop Funko Pop! exclusive-Sanrio’s Hello Kitty: Gamer Hello Kitty vinyl figure!

That being said, there really isn’t any info on it, just that it will be released on September 1, 2019 and you won’t be charged for your pre-order until the shipment is processed.

But it’s cute and it’s fun!

Y2x Scangrip Vega Litres 2600 Spot à Led avec Trépied Projecteur de Chantier.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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Hey Ghostbusters fans we have news for you!

This morning the 3 Panel Square Top Stile & Rail Interior Wood Doors 20 Wood Species ModelNTC account released a video where Paul Rudd announces that he will be one of the actors in the upcoming film.

The Ant-Man star indicates that he has accepted an offer to be cast in the new movie. He’s a fan of the original. And filming will begin (likely) in the fall.

There really isn’t much to report here other than he will be joining the ever growing list of cast announcements for the continuation of the Ghostbusters series that will be directed by Jason Reitman, the original director Ivan Reitman’s son.

What I do like about this is that Jason Reitman keeps stressing that he wants to make it to honor his father and the fans. I sincerely hope he does!  It would be a refreshing change.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Ghostbusters on Twitter

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(Photo Credit: USA Today)
3D Animal Frog 48 Wallpaper Murals Wall Print Wallpaper Mural AJ WALL UK Jenny

The current scuttlebutt about the once mighty Toys-R-Us says the new owners are moving forward with plans to bring the toy store back to the United States by Christmas 2019, but there’s a catch. There will be about half a dozen stores.

Richard Barry CEO of new entity TRU Kids Inc., has apparently been pitching the plan to reincarnate the chain to toy makers.  As well as at an industry conference, according to people who wished to remain anonymous because the plans aren’t yet public.

Each of the stores will be about 1/3 the size of what the usual Toy-R-Us stores were. It seems the plan is to have the stores be about 10,000 square feet with extra “experiences” to make them a “destination.”  So play areas in an already smaller space. Is this Chuck e Cheese or Toys-R-Us?

Of course fewer than ten stores won’t be enough so there will also be an online store at the ToysRUs.com Url.  According to Comicbook.com:

TRU would also be operating an online storefront at ToysRUs.com in order to generate additional revenue, and mitigating costs by taking product on consignment from producers, and paying only when the goods have left the store. This has its own risks, especially in higher-theft areas where Toys “R” Us would be on the hook for merchandise that was never properly accounted for.30 inch Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Sink Base Shaker Style Solid Wood Soft-Close300 sq ft of Caldera Stone Tile313072 - Conduite Studio 2 Motifs Médaillons Floral pink et white Eijffinger

Here’s my thing. Toys-R-Us didn’t score points with me for how they shut down and kind of stuck it to their employees. As other news sites have pointed out, they burned bridges with some retailers too and it’s going to be an uphill struggle to rebuild that. Large toy companies lost money from the liquidation and they lost exclusives. I know that the Calico Critters line was once pretty much TRU exclusive went to Wal-Mart already. I’m sure it’s the same for a few other lines.

Plus Walmart, Target, and Amazon and places like grocery stores took the opportunity to jump in and fill the void left by the large toy store.

But as of now the Chief Executive Officer Isaac Larian has indicated that MGA Entertainment (Little Tikes, Bratz, L.O.L Surprise) are willing to work with them. ““This market needs a self-standing toy store, that’s for sure.  We will sell them inventory.”

If you thought the market needed you why did you liquidate all the stores and are struggling to find a plan. There are brick and mortar stores that sell toys including the return of smaller independent stores. Their prices aren’t much different that the higher prices Toys-R-Us charged. Plus KB Toys has made moves to return to the market as well.

Personally, I am nostalgic for TRU, but I’m also a bit miffed by their behavior towards employees and toy companies. There still seems to be a bit of a cavalier attitude here. I’m not sure how well this will do. But only time will tell.

End of Line

Sources: Bloomberg, 313108 - Pip Studio 2 Umschläge Buchstaben Pink Eijffinger Tapete WandkunstComicbook.com

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In an exclusive with 330287 - Ibiza Acqua Scena green blue brown Eijffinger Carta da Parati Murale, Kevin Feige mentioned that they would be re-releasing the movie with new footage at the Spider-man: Far From Home press junket.

“We are doing that,” Feige said of an Endgame re-release with new footage. “I don’t know if it’s been announced. And I don’t know how much… Yeah, we’re doing it next weekend.”

The movie will return to theaters on June 28 with a whopping seven minutes of “bonus footage.” It will make the total run time 188 minutes and it will add a tribute to the late Stan Lee. I don’t want to pay again and sit through over thee hours for seven minutes.

Okay. Why?

Are people actually asking for this? Isn’t it still in 2nd or 3rd run theaters now?

Disney is jacking up prices at the parks again and now they are re-releasing their Avengers film just 2 months after it opened, but no it’s different because it has extra footage. It all kind of feels like desperation to me.

(Photo Credit: ScreenRant)

They didn’t break Avatar’s record at $2.788 billion, so now they are thinking a re-release would do that? As of now Avengers: Endgame is at $2.743 billion. Somehow it feels like cheating a bit, not to mention they own Avatar now too? Both Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game did perform well in theaters. X-men Dark Phoenix did not, but they have Spider-man: Far From Home coming on July 2nd.

Do they want to add in more Captain Marvel? I’m just trying to understand why they would make this move.341090 - Pip Studio 3 Hell Pip Multifarben Eijffinger Tapete Wandkunst35 Abstract Inlay Art Rounded Rope Wall Hanging Home Decor Marble Mosaic MD186736 H Hand Carved Birch Wood Swan Base Mantel Corbel Fireplace Island, CB1020

If they are worried about franchise “burnout” like they claim is the cause for the Star Wars franchise, why would they release this again, right before Spider-man: Far From Home? Plus they’ve had three Marvel releases since March. Then they have The Lion King and Star Wars Episode IX coming as well.  It just seems like a bad move.

News flash: People don’t have infinite money. If you need money to pay for the park additions, the overpriced Fox merger, and now the Disney+ streaming service, maybe you shouldn’t have bit off more than you can chew. There are limits for people and as much as I love Marvel and classic Star Wars and Disney parks, you are starting to turn me off and price me out. I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of others. Disney burnout could become a thing if it continues.

I don’t want to be turned off. I truly do love the Disney Parks and classic Star Wars and Disney animated features and a lot of the Marvel movies. But I’m starting to feel more like a payday and less like a valued customer. Disney you might want to stop and think a bit more because consumers do have limits and I think you are starting to approaching the limit for customers. Something to consider.

End of line.

Source:3607030075 Moteur Genuine BOSCHSKIL DREMEL spare-part

Image Sources: 375216 - Sundari Stripes Floral Motifs bluee Purple Eijffinger Wallpaper Mural,

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Okay guys, we told you this was coming!

3D Anime Ski Youth 564 Wall Paper Wall Print Decal Deco Indoor Wall Mural CA

The movie is based on the 60s live action Hanna-Barbera live-action show by Sid and Marty Krofft. Bringing back the original characters Fleegle the Beagle, Drooper the Lion, Bingo the Gorilla and Snorky the Elephant in a very different way.

I’m sure this is all due to the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s games and other similar spin off games like it. The Banana Splits fit the genre pretty well. I mean, if we’re being honest,  they have always been a bit creepy.

Here’s the write up “The beloved children’s show is back… with a vengeance, a horrible, bloody vengeance. Starring Dani Kind, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong, and Romeo Carere.”

Look for this movie to premier on the Syfy Channel later this year and then it will come exclusively to Blu-ray and Digital after.

Source: SyFy Wire Youtube

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June 8, 2019 marked the 35th Anniversary of the first Ghostbusters film and a lot of information was released during the Ghostbusters Fan Fest in Culver City, California.

3D Arch Lines 198 Kitchen Mat Floor Murals Wall Print Wall Deco AJ WALLPAPER CA

First off Sigourney Weaver has confirmed that she, along with Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray will be returning for the Ghostbusters 3 film, during an interview with Parade Magazine.3D Night Town 784 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra3D Rainbow Castle 784 Wallpaper Mural Paper Wall Print Wallpaper Murals UK Kyra

3D Art Flower Style 73 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra

“In making this movie, we found something kind of extraordinary. We went to Sony, and we said, ‘We’d really love to get back into the original dailies from 1984. Do you still have them?’ And we found them. They were in a mine in Kansas, and we shipped the boxes to Burbank. We’ve been going through the footage for reasons I cannot tell you, but along the way we found some really cool stuff.”

Reitman also indicated how important it is to him to make a film that is true to the original. Even putting together a “think tank” of people who created the first movie. “Going into making this film, we wanted to make a love letter to the original movie,” he said.

3D Art pinks Frames 73 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra

““I do [want this to be a scary movie]. That’s one of my favorite things about the original, and one of my favorite things about movies of that time in the ‘80s, that a movie could be really funny and really scary. Particularly for young people, scaring young people. I want to scare children, I think that’s where I’m heading to.”

This is a smart move. In a time where things seem to be more and more sanitized I would love to see a movie like this. I think Stranger Things has proven there is definitely a market for this and with young people as well. My kids absolutely love Stranger Things. They also love the original Ghostbusters. I still remember how I felt when I was a kid, sitting in the theater, and the librarian started to change and scream. That was really memorable to me.

3D Astronaut 894 Garage Door Murals Wall Print Decal Wall AJ WALLPAPER UK Carly

Ghostbusters fans hold onto your butts because there’s even more to get excited about!3D Strand, Kokospalmen 36 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DE3D Tokyo Ghoul Flame Wings 5 Japan Anime Game Wallpaper Mural Poster Cartoon

In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the original movie, Sony Pictures is launching Ghostbusters 35th, a year-long celebration leading up to the new film in 2020!

Jeffrey Godsick, Executive Vice President of Brand Strategy and Global Partnerships for Sony Pictures explained:

Ghostbusters has been entertaining and delighting audiences of all ages for the past 35 years, and this milestone provides the perfect opportunity for a celebration of the franchise and the impact it’s had on popular culture, The level of interest from our divisions within Sony Corporation as well as our external partners is a testament to the enduring power of the Ghostbusters brand. Together we’ve curated a year-long event that has something for everyone, from long-time fans to those new to the Ghostbusters universe.”

New Products will be coming out like toys, collectibles, apparel, gaming with brands like Playmobil, Footlocker, Funko, K-Swiss, Bixler Jewelry and more.

(Photo Credit: Attractions Magazine)

3D Australia views 24 WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Wall Deco AJ WALLPAPER

The Ecto-1 Ectotron will be a combination Transformer and Ecto-1 figure. This will be available at GameStop for $49.99 this summer (the site says the release date is 7/1/2019)

The other crossover project is the 5 issue comic series called Transformers/Ghostbusters. It will debut this month and is written and illustrated by Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado. It will be published by IDW Comics.

(Photo Credit: IDW)

3D Autumn Leaf 589 Wall Paper Wall Print Decal Deco Indoor Wall Mural CA

Ghostbusters and Sony Walkman are making Limited Edition Ghostbusters 35th anniversary-themed Walkman.  How can you get one? Well only 100 units have been created, and they will be used for promotional events and prizing.  I will be looking for those contests for sure!

3D Autumn, Maple leaf Self-adhesive Removable Wallpaper Wall Mural Decor

If you did you will now get your chance to see it on the big screen, or like me, see it again on the big screen. Sony Pictures is collaborating with Fathom Events to bring the original Ghostbusters back to select theaters on October 6 and 10, 2019.

Another totally awesome Ghostbusters themed event is the upcoming Ghostbusters in Concert live orchestra tour. This tour will visit over 40 cities worldwide and feature a screening of the 1984 film accompanied by a local symphony performing the score live!3D White Daisies 86 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Summer3D 3D Hatsune Miku 224 Japan Anime Game Wallpaper Mural Poster Cartoon Cosplay

My son’s favorite announcement was that Saber Interactive HD will re-release the Ghostbusters game as Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered!  If you have never played this game you need to. It was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and is widely accepted as a sequel to the first two films.  It will release later this year and will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

3D Balcony Curtains 75 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra

Spirit Halloween has a “life sized” Terror Dog inspired by Ghostbusters up for pre-order. At $499 this is a pricey static figure, but it’s eyes do glow red! I can see some people wanting to buy one. Personally, I think it’s a bit expensive, but it is cool. If you would like to order one you can do that via this LINK.  They will ship on or before 8/21/2019.

(Photo Credit: Spirit Halloween)

So there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year leading up to Ghostbusters 3!

We talk about all of these announcements and Feig’s comments regarding his Ghostbusters film on our Clownfish TV YouTube Channel.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Sources: Parade Magazine, Comicbook.com, 3D Abstract And Art 74 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra, 3D Abstract Flower Draft 4746 Wall Paper Wall Print Decal Wall AJ WALLPAPER CA,3D Abstract line Self-adhesive Removable Wallpaper Wall Mural Decor